Steve Allan Jones

Steve’s music has recently featured in top US drama Hawaii Five-0

Short film “Archie” with music by Steve has won a Royal Television Society award

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My name is Steve Allan Jones and I create music.

Ever since I picked out a tune on my gran’s piano at the age of five, I suppose music was always going to be a major part of my life. Piano lessons followed but I was reluctant to buy in to the traditional route of learning. I wanted to make my own music not play someone else’s tunes.

And so into my teens, my enthusiasm for the piano waned and I set my sights on joining the ranks of professional actors.  I was the lead in my High School play and rehearsals were going well. After one rehearsal a rag tag bunch of schoolboys walked in with half a drum kit, two guitars and one amp. I sat mesmerised as they set up and proceeded to make one unholy noise. After the row stopped I started chatting to this “band”. Half an hour later I had joined the group and my future was sealed.

One of those lads was Mike Peters who went on to form “The Alarm” Mike and I still work together today when schedules allow. Neither of us could envisage that day in the school drama studio a life working in music .

This website should fill in the gaps between then and now! 

Steve Allan Jones singing “Big Sea” at the BBC Wales Voices Ceremony December 2003